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Workplace Wellbeing


1200 Euro


10 weeks

Brief note about the workshop

Workplace Wellbeing workshop is a transformative experience, tailored for both seasoned professionals and those stepping into the world of adulthood. In the dynamic landscape of the business environment, it's easy to overlook the alignment of processes with the natural flow of organizational ecosystems. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, mental preparedness for challenges is the key to thriving.

Discover the power within you as an individual, intimately linked to your cognitive map and your attitude toward continuous learning. Dive into the core of emotional intelligence, a vital pillar for achieving inner balance and becoming a happier, more fulfilled employee.

This workshop doesn't just scratch the surface – it dives deep into conceptual knowledge foundations, exploring their pivotal role in both personal and professional growth. Uncover the secrets of engagement, leadership, value creation, and even explore the fascinating world of neuroscience for business. But this isn't your typical lecture-style event – you will enjoy crafted practical exercises that you can seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day practices, ensuring immediate application and lasting impact.

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