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4 Lenses on Organisational Processes


500 Euro


1 week

Brief note about the workshop

Craft Your Daily Narrative: As an employee, every word and action shapes your daily work construct and impacts your surroundings. Explore the art of crafting a narrative that resonates positively, not just with your colleagues but with your own personal growth.

Emotional Intelligence Unleashed: Emotional intelligence, a multi-dimensional force, reaches its zenith when coupled with the right knowledge. Discover how to harness the full potential of emotional intelligence by ensuring you possess the required knowledge and awareness that aligns seamlessly with your personal cognitive map.

Knowledge as the Pillar of Efficiency: Knowledge is more than information; it's the cornerstone of efficiency. Elevate the quality of your performance in responsibilities, interactions with superiors, and collaborations with workmates. Recognize the uniqueness of each personality in your workplace and adapt your knowledge for a harmonious and effective work environment.

Management Processes Decoded: Delve into the key components of management processes - administration, business, office management, high-performing teams, and strategy. Gain a deep awareness of the value you, as an employee, bring into the organization.

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